How does The Body Shop secure customers loyalty through its website ?

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Let’s focus now on how The Body Shop creates customers loyalty though their website.

Before exploring the privileges the brand offers to their customers, we can note that the website is clearly oriented to the five main corporate values of the brand (against animal testings, upport community trade, activate self esteem, defend human rights, protect our planet). As the customer has chosen the brand for these strong values, it is essential that the website highlights them in order to recreate the brand environment which allows the customer to feel he/she belongs to the brand community. For instance, news about the different ethics partnership, the map of The Body Shop ingredients which repect fair trade…
Moreover, in the « News » tab, the brand informes the customer about new partnerships, programs or lines. This point is not only important to keep the customers informed about the brand actions but also allows him/her to feel even more concerned about the values the brand defend.This first point is crucial to streghten the brand image and community and obviously to ensure the continuity of the relationship between the brand and their customers.

Then, though the blog and the « Conseils » tab, the customer can find tips on how to use a specific product, how to properly choose the products he/she needs and different other beauty advices that make possible for the customer to be informed and to feel even more closer to the brand. Besides, via The Body Shop blog, customers can interact with each other which is a very interesting point considering the idea of community.
By the way, always with the aim of maintaining customers connections, The Body Shop uses direct links on the website in order to subscribe to the newsletter and become followers of the Facebook, Twitter and/or Tumblr pages. On social medias, The Body Shop not only spreads information but also shares deals and special offers. This kind of marketing tools allows the brand to keep direct and instantaneous relations with their existing customers, knowing that an happy customer encourages repeat business and referrals, and so brings greater loyalty.


Regarding the other part of the e-CRM strategy, the most obvious one appears to be the loyalty card : « Love your body » which offer a lot of privileges on the website. Indeed, « Love your body » members have 10% off on all their online purchases or temporary promotions as offers of 10 euros for 30 euros of purchases, a gift for a given amount of purchases, promotions specifically on the best selling items…
Moreover, The Body Shop offers the delivery for a minimum amount of online purchase of 35 euros and allows a return of purchase within 14 days which is very comfortable for customers.

Finally, always with the objective of highlightening the corporate values, The Body Shop create « collectif green » which is a paternership of the most trendy brands engaged on ethics and values​​, and which share the desire to offer affordable limited products. This initiative allows customers to have access to an unique offer and so, to feel understood from his/her brand.


All in all, The Body Shop website is attractive not only because customers can fnd all the information he/she wants about products, tips or ethics program and partnership of the brand but also because it offers a wide range of advantages and special offers to its customers in order to ensure the continuity of the relaitonship with their customers. The Body Shop statement : « IF EVERY BODY IS UNIQUE, EVERY PROPOSITION MUST BE UNIQUE TOO. », is also valid for its customers loyalty strategy.


Sources :

Adelia ALATI


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