L’Occitane en Provence


The first word that comes in mind after visiting their website is: complete. The colour of the website is representative of the image of L’Occitane. The yellow reminds La Provence and it is also present on the walls of the shop. Then the research tab is clear and easy to use: the consumers can find a product according to the categories of products or the ranges. Many pictures illustrate the home page and the messages are striking. Furthermore the best deals of the moment appear immediately, these elements make the website at the first sight attractive and push the consumers to pursuit browsing and to purchase.

Shopping online is as easy as in the shop. The product forms are very detailed. The description and the compositions inform the consumers on the nature of the product. Moreover the pictures and videos come to illustrate the texts. Once the product in the basket, the brand proposes packaging for gift and samples, exactly the same service in the shop.

site internet



L’Occitane website is not a simple website. The brand knows how to recreate the experience in the shop through the website. All the information that the consumers may ask on a product is present on the website. Moreover the design of the website nicely illustrates the spirit of La Provence.



Social networks are a new way of communication. L’Occitane Facebook page counts more than 4 million fans whereas its direct competitors: Yves Rocher gathers over 1 million and The Body Shop France less than 100 000 fans. L’Occitane has this strength to make the page alive by posting daily news. The articles, videos or pictures posted relate news on company, the presentation of a new product, and the sketches of packaging.  The brand reaches to create proximity with its fans.  It actively replies the customers’ issues on a delivery or a product.


Smartphone application

The application is very easy to use. The application owns a wonderful function: the scan. It aims the users to obtain information on a product that they see somewhere. The users just need to scan the product then the application posts the product forms. Like on the website, the customers have the possibility to find a product according to the categories. Moreover they can easily find the nearest shop.



Capture and Share the World’s Moments, these few words explicitly explain the functions of the application. 150 million people own an account so it is a huge platform to be seen by the users. L’Occitane account is once active, they daily share a picture. The subscribers have the opportunity to discover news that is not present in other media.


Spot on television

In order to promote the launch of its new collection, the natural brand forecasts a short and colourful video showing an “Arlésienne” running through the workshops of the brand then end to a dance in a theatre. The fans on Facebook have the full video. Rarely present on television, the advertisement is forecasted on the national television TF1. The video only lasts ten seconds and appears before and after the weather forecast at 8pm.






Christine CHONG


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