The Body Shop segmentation and competitors


When The Body Shop began, it was one of the only ethical brands in the market and it has known a fast development with more than 2,600 stores in 66 markets and selling more than 1,200 products.

The brand wants to improve the quality of people’s life by producing environmentally friendly and natural products. Furthermore, the strong promotion of corporate and social responsibility through supporting various campaigns strengthens the brand’s positioning as an internationally Green company.  The main competitors worldwide of The Body Shop are L’Occitane, Yves Rocher, Lush and Weleda. These brands are also focus on natural ingredients and environmental protection. Despite Maybelline New York is not an obvious competitor, it is a threat to The Body Shop because is started to position itself against animal testing and for environmental protection. This company is well-known internationally in the cosmetics industry and so takes part of The Body Shop’s competitors.


Market segment : quality and price

The Body Shop has a wide range of products with different prices which targeted different social level of the market. The main products line are bath and body care, skin care, fragrances, make up and men line.

Even if the brand offers products based on natural ingredients sourced through the Community Fair Trade Program, the high quality skin and beauty products are sold at low-medium prices. Moreover, the company outsources most of its manufacturing but practices strict quality control measures which ensure the sustainability of its ingredients. This point is very important to understand the relationship between quality and price. For example, one of the main competitor is Weledawhich target different costumers using a low price policy while The Body Shop apply a low-medium price policy while ensuring health and quality.

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Adelia ALATI


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