L’Occitane en Provence Strengths and Weaknesses

L’Occitane en Provence

Parent Company L’Occitane
Category Beauty products retail
Sector Lifestyle and Retail
Tagline/ Slogan The woman from Occitania (Beauty that retain your tradition)
USP Authencity and naturalness


Segmentation Beauty and status cautious women as well as women looking for natural beauty products
Target Group Middle ,upper class young and adult women
Positioning Effectiveness and pleasure

SWOT Analysis

Strengths 1. The company has high brand equity as worldwide reference for well being with unique body ,face and home products2. The company targets various markets all over the world such as the US and China3. It has reliable supply of materials from local vendors that adds value into authencity

4. Its product portfolio includes skin care, fragrances, bath and body products, makeup, men’s products, hair care, soaps.

Weaknesses 1. Many competitors present in beauty product industry struggling to get high margins globally2. The company still hasn’t penetrated into the emerging economies as some global players3. The men range is still weak compared to the rest of the ranges of the brand
Opportunites 1.The beauty product industry continues to expand globally even if the economic crisis is still here2.The demand of natural beauty products is increasing3.Consumer loyalty is very high when it comes to cosmetics products
Threats 1. Recent economic turmoil had decreased spending on some discretionary items such as perfumes in various countries2. Personal recommendations weigh more heavily that celebrity marketing so lot of spending on marketing campaigns to gain consumer trust


Competitors 1.Loreal2.Lush3.Ales group







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