L’Occitane en Provence brand portfolio analysis

Traditionally cosmetic brands segment their products by category of products: hair care, skin care,… L’Occitane segments by category of products but also by fragrances. In this case, it is relevant to segment by fragrances due to the history of the brand. L’Occitane has a portofolio of 400 products and it is classified in 23 ranges. Every range represents a natural component and always tells a story. The ingredients are mainly from the Provence but the brand also tends to develop the benefits of ingredients from other countries such as Brazil or Africa.

The main ingredients from South of France are almond, angelica, cherry blossom, immortelle, lavender, pivoine flora, rose and verbena.

Ingredients Benefits Products
Almond Soften, strengthen and tone up the skin Body care: shower gel, body cream, body oil, hand cream, soap
Angelica Rehydrate and revitalise the skin Face care: facial cleansers, hydrating moisturisers, facial toners
Cherry blossom Beauty of the flowers, amazing fragrance Fragrance and body care: hand and body creams, soap, eau de toilette, shower gel
Immortelle Flower with anti-ageing properties Face care: essential water, eye care, make up remover, face cream and mask, facial cleanser, serum
Lavender Relaxing properties Body care: shower gel, hand and creams, soap,
Pivoine flora Amazing floral fragrance Fragrance and body care: eau de parfum, eau de toiletrte, shower gel, hand and body creams
Rose Floral and feminine fragrance Fragrance and body care: eau de toilette, hand and body creams, shower gel, soap
Verbena Freshness perfume Fragrance and skin care: soap, shower gel, hand, foot and bidy creams, deodorant


One of the emblematic ingredients of L’Occitane is the shea butter. The cosmetic brand has developed a fair partnership with women from Burkina Faso.

Ingredients Benefits Products
Shea butter Protect and feed the skin Body and face care: soap, face, hand and foot creams, shower gel, face scrub


L’Occitane has also developed ranges often fleeting. The ranges are not representing an ingredient but a target of consumers. For men, the range verdon, vetyver and l’occitan and dedicated to them. Compared to the previous tables, the products in these ranges are limited. Shaving products are more highlighted. Moreover, travellers are targeted. A range of small sized products are created for them.

Source: http://www.lescoursdevente.fr/boite/position.htm



Christine CHONG


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