The Body Shop Positioning

Anatomy of brand positioning

Brand Positioning
Brand domain The target market is beauty and health conscious women of higher income group, cosmopolitan customers.
Brand heritage
  1. Natural ingredients and products with environmental concern
  2. First company campaign for anti animal test
Brand values
  1. Defend human rights
    2. Support community fair trade
    3. Protect the planet
    4. Against animal testing
    5. Activate self esteem
Brand assets
  1. Brand image is used to identify the organization The Body Shop, a subject of public interest.
  2. Natural ingredients in all products
  3. Packaging – carries bags were made of 100% recycled paper and printed with water soluble inks
  4. 100% PCR bottles by year 2008
  5. The stylish store design called ‘Shop me’ features products displayed in front of back-lit hemp fabric
  6. Global roll-out of new concept stores – « Beauty with Heart »
  7. Natural’s way to beautiful campaign – Consumers are being invited on a journey to truly discover and experience our products
  8. Public relations – Collaborating with charity foundations, United Nations, MTV, engaged in awareness campaigns
  9. Inform Public – Best sellers, Members special, Discounts, Newsletters, Winter treat offers, E-brochures, On face book, Mobile coupon
  10. Love your body – unique member club
  11. Active Self esteem workshop
  12. Lily Cole as brand ambassador
Brand personality Ethical business with great social responsibility
Brand reflection The body shop is very committing to its brand values in running both internal and external business.
Based on its core values, the body shop builds a strong base of loyal customers, demanding both the values they expect the body shop to live by, and the quality of what it sells. According to customer research, 83% are more likely to choose retailers that take social and environmental issues seriously.
Also, it is reported that revenues and profits of the body shop have increased after the iconic beauty business invested heavily in a corporate rebrand and new store format.



Competitive Frame of Reference
POP Innovative, sensorial products
Supports Nature
POD Truthful, and ethical Business
Heart going far beyond conventional corporate social Responsibility
Promotes self esteem and activism
Products for men


All in all, with both point-of-parity and point-of-difference, The Body Shop expects its customers to view its products as beauty products with great quality, from a trustworthy brand. The fact that its products have a compelling natural, ethical and environmental story is an added advantage, and how it differentiates its brand from other big mainstream brands and retailers, instead of ethical or charity purchases to customers.





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