L’Occitane Positioning

Let’s now have a look at L’Occitane en Provence positioning as well as its competitive frame of reference.

Brand Positioning

Brand Domain The target market is cosmetics driven women who are looking for genuine fragrances and authentic products. They usually have a high income.
Brand Heritage The L’Occitane Group defines itself as a global, natural and organic ingredient-based cosmetics and well-being products manufacturer and retailer which has strong roots in Provence. Hence, the brand heritage is the strong roots L’Occitane has from Provence.
Brand Values The main brand values of L’Occitane are: authencity, respect and sensoriality.1.       Authenticity: each product L’Occitane en Provence sells has a true story. Behind every L’Occitane bottle, there is a traceable origin and land as well as producers with techniques inherited from the traditions of Provence.

2.       Respect: L’Occitane cares about the environment and the impact it has on it. L’Occitane is committed to limiting the environmental impact of its actions and products. It intends to improve the well-being of both consumers and employees. In addition to that, through Braille labeling, it strives to make its products accessible to visually impaired people.

3.       Sensoriality: In its products, L’Occitane brings together tradition, nature and research. Thanks to its texture and fragrance, L’Occitane products offer a delicious moment of well-being and sensory delight.

Brand Assets 1.       French roots2.       Simple packaging and Mediterranean products

3.       Sunny, bucolic and French countryside image

4.       Natural ingredients stores

5.        Sensorial experience

6.       A strong digital strategy

7.       Very loyal consumers


Brand Personality Unique merchandise that brings the smell of lavender and a feel of a sunny, Mediterranean carefree way of living.
Brand Reflection L’Occitane customers, through their interaction with this brand, want to be seen as sophisticated women who have the sense of authentic fragrances and products. They want to be seen as cosmetics women who have a great knowledge of the products they are buying too.


Competitive Frame of Reference

Point Of Parity (POP) Refined products associated with high quality.
Point Of Difference (POD) Authentic fragrances, Mediterranean packaging, sensoriality and customer based digital strategy.
Brand Mantra A true story mixed with authenticity and sensoriality.








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